How to Maximize Space for Your Rental

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Do you feel like your home is cluttered? Have you recently downsized and need help with organization? Are you looking to make the most out of the space you have? Follow these tips and tricks to maximize the storage and space you have available and enjoy your stress and clutter free home!
Let it go! Go through your belongings and let go of the things you don’t need. Donate books you don’t read to your local library. Get rid of clothes that you know you haven’t worn for a long time. Figure out how many dishes, pots, pans, and food containers you actually use and discard the ones you don’t.
Go vertical! The plethora of shoes that edge the wall can be placed in handy closet hangers or an over the door shoe organizer that will go right on your bedroom door. Pots and pans typically have a small hole on the handle that can be used to hang up on a bar in the kitchen. Add shelving and rods where you can and build from the ground up.
Rethink your furniture! Look for furniture that has two different uses. Tables can be found that transform into a desk. Desks can come with additional compartments to store important papers. Ottomans may have extra storage space found inside. Swap out your TV stand for a dresser. Find furniture that has multiple functions to avoid clutter.
Lose the coffee table! Open up your living area by getting rid of that large coffee table in the middle of the room. Instead, try out folding stands that can be pulled out when needed and put away when not. You can also find couch arm racks that slide right over the arm rest of your sofa.
Step outside! Take advantage of your patio, yard, or porch and look for water proof furniture and storage. Many stores offer very comfortable outdoor furniture now and can make porches much more enjoyable.
Smaller spaces can seem difficult to work with at first, but if you follow tips like these it can be very livable! You may find you like utilizing all of the space you have instead of having so much space you don’t know what to do with it!


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Being a tenant sure has its perks! If you don’t like your neighbors, you aren’t stuck with them and can move once your lease is up. Most of your maintenance problems are handled for you. Renter’s insurance is less expensive than homeowner’s insurance. You have easy mobility if you change jobs or would like to move out of state. The list goes on and on!
But one of the biggest disadvantages of being a renter is the inability to style and design your home the way you want. Your landlord has final say on what the appliances will look like, the paint colors, the flooring, and the general layout of the home.
Not to worry though! There are many ways to upgrade and update your rental to add your personal touch without breaking the bank or risking losing your deposit!
Replace light switch plates: Switch plates come in all styles and take no more than a screw driver to install!
Install new cabinet handles: Mix and match different colors or choose a more sophisticated look!
Add peel and stick tiles: Tile stickers can transform your kitchen or bathroom and are easily detachable!
Replace your toilet seat: Swap out the over used seat for one with a little more personal touch!
Update your light bulbs: Different light bulbs can add a warmer or brighter hue, depending on the mood you would like to set for the room, and can be a classic shape, elongated, spiraled, and the newly popular Edison bulb!
Touch up your paint: Freshen up your tired paint without changing the color by adding a fresh coat or brightening the base boards!
Lay down area or accent rugs: Spice up your floors with bright or patterned rugs!
Not only will these small projects transform your rental, but can be taken with if you decide to move!

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