Upgrades To Make Your Home Rental Ready

Are you considering renting out your unit and want to optimize your property without breaking the bank? Follow these tips and tricks to get the most out of your rental property!

• Slap on a fresh coat of paint! Fresh paint can completely transform a room without much effort. With renters of all types of styles and furnishings viewing your property, it is best to stick with a neutral paint color.
• Address your flooring! If you wish to work with the flooring already in place, make sure to have your floors attended to. Think about having carpets professionally cleaned to get up any stubborn stains. With tile, decide if your grout requires a good cleaning and sealing. If you are looking to put in brand new flooring, decide what upgrade works best for your budget and will have the most resilience to your tenant’s everyday wear and tear.
• Update your outlet covers and switch plates! With your bright and clean paint job and fresh floors, your outlets and switches are probably looking a little dull. Picking neutral but chic covers will certainly catch the eye of prospective tenants!
• Install Mini Blinds! This is a big improvement that tenants look for when choosing their rental property.
• Consider simple energy saving upgrades! Keep the AC from seeping outside of the home by making sure you have proper door sweeps in place. Make sure your windows are sealed with caulk and appropriate weather stripping is in place. Insure those hard to reach light bulbs are changed out with energy efficient bulbs that have a long life rating.

Following these simple but effective tips are sure to get your property rented with a happy tenant!

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