All County First Choice Property Management Largo Florida Conference

The legacy being built by the All County name is encompassed each year at its annual conference. Representatives from offices all over the nation come to build relationships, learn new strategies, and construct new communication skills. While the wealth of knowledge shared throughout the conference is valuable, the comradery built between offices is priceless. Whether you work in an office in the heart of Florida or along the coast of California, problems don’t seem so big when you know you are sharing the same ones.

My office at All County First Choice located in Largo had attendees that included both franchisees, two property managers, the office manager, and an administrative assistant. With so many representatives from our office, we had the opportunity to attend every class. Lunch time was the perfect chance to review our notes from these classes with each other, so information gathered could be passed around the group. Classes included guest speakers, experienced staff members, and corporate representatives that shared experiences and important information that has been gathered throughout the years. The interactive workshops allowed for a hands-on approach to navigate through tricky circumstances that arise in each office and learn new marketing techniques.

As informative and interactive each class was, the absolute high light of the conference was the banquet. Spirits were high as each office received recognition for the accomplishments achieved in the past year. Our office had the honor of winning the Achiever’s Club award for a net gain of 50 new properties in 2016, an All-Star award for the recognition of the hard work put in by the staff, and the Best Social Media Performance Award for the high use of social media practices in the office.

With the conclusion of the 2017 conference, we reflected on all of the growth in our office over the year, both professionally and personally. I am proud to say that I am with such a supportive team and unique family. We have already began counting the days until the 2018 conference!

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